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Find us Here

You want to know where we are right? Here are the locations where you can find Onda Pasta - at restaurants and buy for cooking. We are constantly expanding so we wanted to make it easy for you to find us on the island. 



  • Goen

  • Rigo

  • Appetito

  • Brick Fire Tavern

  • Honolulu Yacht Club

  • Island vintage Café

  • Bevy

  • Taormina

  • il Lupino

  • 12th Ave Grill

Not in the mood for cooking? Many of Honolulu's restaurants serve Onda pasta fresh homemade products so you always know you get the best quality when waiting out. Here is where you can enjoy your Onda pasta bite. 

Markets & Supermarkets 

You are welcome to visit us at the local markets and supermarkets to pick your freshly made pasta. Find opening hours and links below to stay up to date with eventual change. 

  • Kailua farmers market
    Opening Hours
    Thursday: 4 p.m - 7 p.m
    Saturday: 8 a.m - 12 p.m
    Sunday: 8 a.m - 12 p.m

  • Kaka`ako farmers market 
    Opening hours
    Saturday: 8 a.m - 12 p.m

    Sunday: 8 a.m - 12 p.m

  • Oáhu Fresh
    Opening Hours: 

  • Farmlink
    Opening hours  

Community-supported agriculture


Shop at our local online  store adn get healthy and local produce right outside your door. Onda pasta has the privlage to be a part of these service and support our local community. Shop smart and sustainable here!

  • Kahumana Farms
    Opening hours 


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