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Fresh Homemade Pasta

Welcome to Onda Pasta 

Homemade Fresh Pasta - Quality You Can Rely On


Bonjourno & Aloha 

Hi there, my name is Andrea Onetti and I am the founder of Onda Pasta. 

We strive for exelence and high-quality ingredients to bring happiness and easy delsihiuse cooking for our customers. Our mission is to make a delisouse meal out of simple products - like homemade fresh pasta. 

Onda Pasta is a piece of me, bringing my Italian culture to Hawaii. Sharing is caring as I say and there is nothing that brings joy like eating a good meal together with friends and family. 

Andrea Onetti

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Featured In 

Always Fresh - Never Precooked - Only Clean ingredients - Always Excellent

As our friends at Kahala Life writes - "Onda Pasta continues to give everyone a chance to enjoy la dolce vita, island style."

Our Products

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Our Fresh Handmade Pasta

We offer you 11 diffrent pastas to give you a fun experience  in the kitchen. Sometimes we even offer additional flavors. Keep an eye out!

Which one will be your favorite? 


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Our Handmade Sauces

Exerince an authetic italian dish with our very populare homemade sauces. Simply add to your favorite onda pasta and enjoy!

Are you ready? 

What are people saying? 


"I love this pasta as it really lives up to the consistency and flavor as you would expect from Italian homemade fresh pasta"

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“We come to the farmers market often to grab some pasta because it's not only delicious but easy and convenient to make at home and get the Italian experience at home"

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Where do you find us?

We have proudly been serving and supplying our handmade fresh pasta to both our food serving customers and through our network of distribution partners. At this time our fresh pasta distribution spans over more than fifteen different locations on the island including well know locations such as Foodland and restaurants like Bevy and Taormina. 

Find out more about exactly where to find us below!

The Gnocchi

Find us here!
A Delightful Bite Each Time

The Star of the Show is our wonderfully fluffy and flavorful Gnocci. After months of recipe testing, long nights, and many mouthfuls of this potato-based pasta - Andrea finally found something he knew you would not just like but really enjoy. Eat Italian style, bring your family together with some pasta and magic and see for yourself.  We can't wait to meet you!

Find us Here!
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Onda Pasta Features

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